The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #128 Thu 09.03.09

Three great minds together for one great show. That's what today is all about. Adam and Jim together again. They could hardly contain themselves with joy. And we had much to discuss. But really, I'm not going to spill all of it for you here. This was such an entertaining show, you're just going to have to listen to it yourself www.thejaneellen.com.

Jenny McCarthy blurted out that she's 5'6" and weighs 125 lbs. Um, big deal. She says she weighed 200 lbs. when she had her son. Hey Jenny, I lost 200 lbs. I don't really care what anybody weighs or why they feel the need to share it. I care that people are healthy and feel good about themselves.

Jim explained that he's not filled with bitterness, he is merely a curmudgeon. Adam says he is actually bitter. He also explained that he has no butt. And went on to talk about his gaming skills. The Beatles Rock Band game is coming out. We figured Martha, My Dear wasn't going to be one of the songs featured on that one. Or The Long and Winding Road. We made plans to video Adam playing AC/DC, in his Star Trek uniform. That'll be rich.

Which led to a discussion of what we would do to be on Star Trek, in a series or film. Adam said he would make out with Shatner. I said I would make out with Chris Pine. I think that's a fair trade. We went on about what we would do to be on several TV shows for some time. I'm sure the networks are listening.

We discussed Sean Lennon's kind of sort of remake of his parents famous nude photo, photographed this time for Purple Magazine.

And we talked about the new prime minister of Japan's ex-wife's tale of going to Venus 20 years ago. Good times.