The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #136 Wed 09.16.09

September 22 the DVD of Tennessee Top Model will be available as will all the photos. One month from now is my 16 year wedding anniversary. Feel free to shop ahead.

Great letter from the Transformers crew about Megan Fox. Not Kelly Clarkson to Kanye West great, but close. Speaking of Kanye, Adam and I think he and Taylor need to do a duet. Seriously, what kind of crazy press would that not generate? And the video should be chock full-o-crazy. I think it just might happen too. Remember, we said it first.

LeeLee Sobieski is expecting. As is Jenna Elfman.

Hey, did you find a frog in your soda can? Bummer, Fred Denegri did. He said it was there when he opened it. The Pepsi people said the production line goes so fast there's no way it could've gotten in there beforehand as it runs 1,250 cans a minute. Hmmm.

Adam is still bitter over the cancellation of Enterprise. We have added Firefly to the list. We both love Nate Fillion. He is steeped in deliciousness. And I think that Seth MacFarlane is mighty, mighty handsome. Adam pointed out that he must bathe in his money.

There's something alive in my fireplace. That shouldn't be there. And it isn't Santa. It's raining so much that I feel it is God's way of saying I really need to nap. Listen to the show. You need to. www.thejaneellen.com Hear Jane.