The Jane Ellen Experience Summary #135 Tue 09.15.09

If it were not for Adam Cravens I would not have known that, in the world of comic books, Bruce Wayne died and he had a kid and they're on the third Robin and all this has happened basically over the past year. For that I'm thankful. If all this had taken place over the past few years I would've felt really stupid. Now I just feel a little out of the loop.

All this came up because of Elton John. At the moment, the Family, Youth and Sports Minister in the Ukraine said Elton John won't be allowed to adopt 14-month-old Lev, who is HIV-positive and who is an orphanage because both his parents died of AIDS, because in the Ukraine you have to be married and not more than 45 years older than the child. Now, Elton is married, but the Ukraine doesn't recognize the union. His partner does meet the age requirement, but still, union non recognized. So, I hoped that as this was sorted out that Elton would be able to provide for the child. It sickens Adam and I that antiquated laws like this exist. Many married and straight people are not good parents. Many are. It needs to go on a case by case basis. Just because you are married or you are straight doesn't mean you are going to be able to provide a perfect life for a child. This is a baby that will need medical care and has no family. Here is someone who can more than adequately provide for that baby. It is unconscionable to me that this is happening. And not because it is Elton John. If anyone with the means to take care of this boy could do it.

Kelly Clarkson ripped Kanye a new one. It was awesome. She posted in her blog how she felt about his actions at the VMA's. It's some seriously good reading. Adam feels Kanye is the go-to guy for crazy these days. He also thinks that MTV may have put him up to it just to get some chatter going about the show. If that's the case, then it worked.

Sept. 9, 1945, at Harvard, back when computers were BIG, a moth was found in one. When it was removed, they said the computer had been "debugged." And so the term was born. The moth was taped to the report and it is on display at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Computer Museum in Dahlgren, VA. I used to live in King George, which is outside of Fredericksburg, where I matriculated. How's that for use of my degree? Oh, King George is on the other side of Dahlgren, that's why it jumped out at me.

Indiana Jones 5 is in the works. For real.

Recipe of the Week is an Italian meat pie, I call it the How You Doin' Meat Pie. Wendy's Book Shelf is posted and Jay's gardening column has a few brief recipes telling you what to do with your harvest.

If you would like to hear how not to get a girl to like you, be sure to listen to the show. It's creepy and didn't quite work out. But the girl is OK, so I would say it has a happy ending. www.thejaneellen.com Hear Jane.