The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #130 Tue 09.08.09

Labor Day was yesterday, and yet so many people had to labor. Adam postulated a theory. 3% of the population probably love working. And then there's everybody else. So if you have to work on the one day when you know most people are off, it drives your bitterness level through the roof. And it rained yesterday afternoon which drove so many people out of their homes and into the places of employment of my friends. Much to their dismay. There was much angst to be sure.

Courteney Cox has a new sitcom coming out on ABC September 23. She is 45, and looks amazing, and it's called Cougar Town. What I have seen of it looks edgy and funny. The three-minute preview I saw made me want to see more. Even though I realized those were probably the funniest three minutes they had.

Emma Watson has started school at Brown University in Rhode Island. Much as she has asked to be treated as a regular student, it has been a bit of a madhouse. We suspect that eventually it will die down, a bit anyway. Jodie Foster, Natalie Portman, Brooke Shields, they were all able to attend college.

Dragon Con took place in Atlanta. Sadly, Adam and I could not attend with our dragons. However, there was a record-breaking event at the sci-fi convention. 900 stormtroopers and zombies and all manner of aliens recreated Thriller. The previous record holders were a group of 242 at the College of William & Mary. That's right, the college that did not accept my application. But did accept Jon Stewart's.

Seems a woman in Putnam County allegedly asked to pet her marijuana plants because she had allegedly grown them from seed and had allegedly grown fond of them. She and her man had allegedly planted them next to the road.

Tennessee Top Model is this Saturday. You can see the models who are competing by going to www.tennesseetopmodel.com. And Brien Travis will be performing. It's in Cookeville at the what was formerly the Drama Center and is now the Cookeville Performing Arts Center. You can order your tickets online for $5 or get them for $10 at the door at the top model website. I am co-hosting with Shan Burklow.