The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #144 Mon 09.28.09

Dropping the F-bomb is one way to make a memorable debut. That's what Jenny Slate did on the season opener of SNL. It was unintentional. She was supposed to use the word freakin' and that word was being used over and over again in a sketch called Biker Chick Chat. She realized what she did and just went on. Welcome to live TV. It was changed to freakin' for the West Coast feed.

Seems Miley Cyrus has a cameo in Sex and the City 2. She and Samantha are at the same red carpet event. Samantha has gone to great pains to dress young and hip and they are both wearing the same dress. She has no lines in the movie.

Jim expressed his distress over Popeye cartoons. Yes, Bluto could be tried for assault and attempted rape. But nobody talks about that.

Justin Guarini (American Idol Season 1 runner up to Kelly Clarkson in case you didn't know) got married. He co-hosts Idol Tonight on the TV Guide Network and is working on his third album.

October 28 is when Michael Jackson: This Is It will be released in theaters. Fans lined up for three days ahead of time just to get preview tickets. 3,000 tickets were available and they were gone in two hours.

I realize it is my failing as a Catholic to keep forgetting that Benedict is the Pope and not JP II, but he was Pope for 26 years and, honestly, I just haven't buried him in my mind, you know? Anyway, Benedict was in Prague talking to politicians and diplomats. He was being projected on the big screen. And I only wish I could've heard the conversation among the press. There was a rather large multi-legged creature on him. Now, he had his Pope robes on. Yes, I know they are called vestments. So, he really couldn't feel the spider. But it stood out in great relief against all the white. Imagine you're watching it as it gets closer, closer, closer, ah it's on his face. That's when he brushed it away. It ended up crawling down him and returning to its web. Now, you can't just rush the Pope and squash it. That would be gross and the Swiss Guard would think you were attacking him. But doesn't he have people who could've removed it? Believe me, I have people who tell me when I have lipstick on my teeth. The Pope has to have people who could just brush away an enormous spider. Wouldn't you think?

Search the internet for a new game in town it's called Nosh for Posh. The idea is to throw food at an underweight Posh Spice. Ah, comedy.

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