The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summery #140 Tue 09.22.09

Good news. 30 Rock won the Emmy for best comedy. Bad news. It's not back yet. And there was much crying and gnashing of teeth.

Dancing With the Stars returned for the first of a three night extravaganza. I will now only refer to it as DWTS because I'm already tired of all the typing. As expected, Aaron Carter performed well, as did Donny Osmond. Karina Smirnoff got Aaron so she finally has chance this season. She hasn't had a decent shot since Mario Lopez. Aaron has the highest score with 32. Michael Irvin got the new professional dancer Anna. They have the lowest score with a 19. The women dance tonight. Hello Maksim.

Today I explained how whenever I say or hear the word explosive I expect it to be followed with the word diarrhea. In turn, I expect diarrhea to be followed with cha cha cha. It's just how my brain works. Then I entertained Adam with some quality comedy that had come out of Anna Grace's mouth recently. I mean quality. You need to hear it from mine. Go to Hear Jane www.thejaneellen.com.

Love it how they say Chaz Bono got a "handsome deal" of six figures for his tell all book on how he became a man. Adam said he knows now that men make more than women so he should've held out for more. We had many other questions which we were unable to have satisfactorily answered.

Chris Sligh, who finished number ten on season six of American Idol has posted some advice to those who participate in the reality show. Interesting.

And do an bing image search on Yu Zhenghuan. He is 32 and 96% of his body is covered with hair. He calls himself Monkey Man. But he has no tail so he should be chimpanzee or gorilla man. Let's get our primates straight, shall we?

My naturally condescending expression totally worked for me in yesterday's audition so I got the part in the country music video. I do not know yet if there will be a Wednesday podcast. We shall see. I have to be on set by 6am. But Thursday's show will be chock full-o-stories that's for sure.

Check out the website as many new and fun stuff is there. And enjoy the first day of Autumn. My calendar confirmed it.