The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #141 Wed 09.23.09

I am just leaving for the Music City for an undisclosed location. Well, undisclosed to the public, to shoot a country music video. So this is not much of a blog. Why I felt the need to totally doll up at this ungodly hour when I am headed into glam (that's industry talk for hair and make up) only shows the depth of my narcissm. I am wearing my Shane Langford distressed black jeans that rock and my AC/DC jeans. That means I'm cool. Just putting it out there. I will be all done up as a rich woman. Which I'm not, but have every desire to be. Why? Because my family has instilled in me the taste for finer things. Why? Because they don't break as quickly.

Jim and I discuss DWTS. See, I am such a minor, minor celeb I practically qualify for the show now. Kelly Osbourne was surprisingly good. Listen to the show. It'll make me feel happy. The site is experiencing a fall makeover. Dig it. Go to www.thejaneellen.com. And register for the chemical peel from Manhattan Salon. We will give away three of them, each worth $100. You do have to be able to get yourself to the salon on your own dime though.