The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #133 Fri 09.11.09

Badass. That's really the only way I can describe outfit number one I'm wearing Saturday night at Tennessee Top Model designed and made by Shane Langford. I may wear it every day for the rest of my life. It's the most amazing leather jacket and distressed black jeans. It's one of those outfits that feels great on and I feel good in it. You know how you have clothes you like and then you have clothes you love to wear? Well, this is a love to wear outfit. I didn't want to take it off yesterday, and it's not even totally done yet. Then I go the exact opposite route to a 1950's vintage look, rather Grace Kelly, with black velvet wrap for the body and this incredible vintage silk for full skirt. Oh, and we've added a bow. Yes, I'm wearing a bow. Practically unheard for me. Very girlie. There will be other beautifully dressed women and young girls there too. I guess. :) You can still get tickets at www.tennesseetopmodel.com or at the door Saturday night at the Cookeville Performing Arts Center on Broad Street. This is a fashion competition like you've never seen. The Junior Top Model contestants and Top model contestants are each competing for one year contract with the DAN Agency. It's a place very near and dear to my heart because they had the good sense to sign me. Clearly, they know talent when they see it. And the amazing chief poobah of the DAN Agency will be there in person to check out everyone. That in itself is a big, big deal.

Movies out this weekend are 9 set in the "too near future" as opposed to the "not to distant future" like last week's Gamer. This is animated PG 13 sci-fi/fantasy. Tyler Perry's I an Do Bad All By Myself is PG 13 and a comedy. Whiteout is an R thriller with Kate Beckinsdale who plays a very angry administrative assistant who makes a lot of errors. No, that's a whiteout joke. Never mind.

Sunday Janet Jackson opens the VMA's with a tribute to Michael. And there will be a New Moon trailer played at some point during the show.

What's in blood sausage, aka black pudding? Here, I'll tell you. Pig's blood, onions, suet,oatmeal, and apples. And while Jim and I discuss food from across the pond we bring up spotted dick, a dessert. Dick is slang for pudding. Unlike how we use it in the States, as slang for detective. The spots are the raisins or currants. Well, a restaurant in Wales changed it on the menu to Spotted Richard because a few people laughed at the name Spotted Dick. Naturally, the locals had no idea what Spotted Richard was.

A 30 year old man in Oslo, who just naturally assume lives in his mom's basement, legally changed his name to Julius Andreas Gimli Arn Chewbacca Highlander Elessar Jankov. Can you tell he likes sci-fi/fantasy? You really should see him too.

I also use a term on the show that Jim doesn't know. And, as I write this, there is a point during the show where I forget what I was going to say, I remember it now. Next time I say I want to wear leather and velvet remind me that leather and velvet are hot, physically hot. And under stage lights will not doubt be even hotter. Never crossed my mind. Well, sometimes, beauty is pain. The show should please you www.thejaneellen.com.