The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #127 Wed 09.02.09

Little League. Adam Cravens has such fond memories. He got to play right field. He informed me that unless you are in the professional league that is the short bus position. And his coach was a bit of a jerk and wouldn't let him use the restroom. And so, young Adam, wet himself. Earning the nickname Pisser. Sometimes you can't just tough it out or walk it off.

I need to get footage of my oldest eating ketchup. Sometimes she sits on the couch like a wine-o (or, how I imagine a wine-o would) and just sucks it back out of the bottle. At other times, she sucks it off of her toes. This footage will come in handy when she's older and will need to be embarrassed. But she is very bendy. She can put her feet back to her ears. That's a talent.

Whitney Houston sang publicly, first time in years, blamed Oprah for missing the high notes. Adam said he would've blamed the crack. I mean, you wouldn't like Oprah when she's angry.

Demi Moore, we both agree, is smokin' hot. And she alleges she HAS loose skin and stretch marks. And she has NOT has plastic surgery. But she's cool about it if other people have had it. Adam says that's just so when it comes out that she has already had it, she has said it's OK. Look, I've had 15 pounds of loose skin removed. I've had plastic surgery. And I would like some more please.

We discuss the films of Jack Black and Will Ferrell versus their personal appearances. You need to hear that www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane. And we go into how burglars use social networking sites to see when you're gone and what stuff you have. I believe my favorite part of the show is the last ten minutes when Adam describes just what he'll do to you if you try it at his house. Oh, it's worth listening to. And how he knows which squirrels have STD's I don't know, but he has super powers. Don't knock him.