The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #129 Fri 09.04.09

Eating in all sorts of forms came up on today's show. For instance, a 26-year-old man called 911 twice because he needed a ride. He was hungry you see. Well, he got a ride, to jail. Being hungry is not a real emergency. Pat Bertoletti won the Best in the West Nugget World Rib Eating Contest by eating 5.8 lbs. or ribs in 12 minutes. The prize is $2500 and his name on a trophy that has three golden pigs on it. Honestly, not that great of prize considering what you've just done to your body.

But at least there is not a competitive eating contest of feces. A guy in Ohio was on trial for aggravated robbery and kidnapping. He told his lawyer he was hungry while in court. But there was no time for food. So what's a guy to do except empty his colostomy bag and start chowing down? Oddly enough, his legal team is trying to prove he's mentally incompetent. I've got to say that if I'm not, and my lawyer says to eat my own waste, um, I'm not going to.

A study says more intelligent guys have healthier sperm. And they may be smart and funny to, to possibly make up for not being super hot. Got to attract the ladies and spread that DNA around somehow.

Look up the name Lee Redmond from Salt Lake City. She used to hold the Guinness World Record for longest nails on a woman. They were 28 feet long in 2008. Her longest nail, her thumb on her right hand, was 2 feet, 11 inches. She didn't but her nails for 30 years. She's 68. She was in a car accident this year and her nails broke. She's not planning to grow them back and is amazed at how light her hands feel.

This chick dropped her purse into the port-a-potty and tried to get it back. Natch. Only she used both hands. And got stuck. The whole thing had to be taken apart to free her. She now has over 14,000 fans on the Poo Girl Leeds Fest 2009 Appreciation Society page on Facebook. Unbelievable.

The movies out this weekend are All About Steve PG 13 comedy with Sandra Bullock. Gamer is an R sci-fi with Gerard Butler. And Extract is an R comedy from Mike Judge with Jason Bateman.

Ooh, Maks and Karina ill dance at the Emmys September 20. Suh-weet.

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