The One About Time

It's happening to me again. Spiraling. Spiraling. Not quite out of control. Give me a minute. I'll get there. It's October now. One of my favorite months. And I never finished sending all my Christmas cards from 2008. Or 2007 for that matter. And now I can't find my addresses. That's a bit of a conundrum. So if I don't want to find myself in a similar situation I have to really suck it up and find the addresses, start writing the letters I have in mind to write oh, let's say, now, and have those suckers in the mail the day after Thanksgiving. Clearly, I'm just writing this down for myself to make it all real. It's the only way I might, I say might get it done.

I've been doing more auditions and television work lately. None of it has aired yet. But so far you'll be seeing a lot of me on CMT and GAC. I'll tell you more when these projects actually are ready to be seen. They're nothing big for me. You'll just see me. That's all. Seriously.

But when I do these things I have to haul out clothes and jewelry and once I haul out I'm not so good at putting away. There is currently a small path in my bedroom passable only by tiny sure-footed burros. I really need to address that situation. It's begun to irritate even me. And it seems the house elves are on strike.

My girls are growing. This instant. I keep trying to force them into shoes and clothes that don't fit. They just got new shoes about a month ago. Anna Grace told me her feet hurt. Naturally I told her they didn't. How could they? They were a size bigger than the old ones. Well, now I can't even cram her feet into them. Wow they're growing fast. I don't recall sprinkling Miracle-Gro on them overnight. But I have been sleep-deprived so maybe I did.

I keep trying to get up earlier and get everyone out of my hair earlier so I can start working on the seemingly endless list of things it falls on me to do. Only problem is the list is growing. Just like the girls. Can a list have a growth spurt? I'm not sitting around eating bon-bons and yet time is slipping away. Hasn't anyone created something that will slow it down and at the same time give me a few days where I'm not exhausted and feel great all day? Why are you hiding it from me?

How can I stop and smell the roses when I have to pick up the dog doo and cut back the shrubs and try not to get poison ivy again? Oh, I guess I missed the roses. But the pansies and mums are out. That's a plus.

There's really only one way for me to even try and deal with this. It's time to make a list.