The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #134

Tennessee Top Model is, sadly, over and done with. I have to say it was magnificent. It will be available on DVD. I'll have the details for you later. Junior Top Model winner was Catherine Clendenen and Top Model Winner was the incredibly tall Anna Herndon. I am so glad I was not one of the judges. I am even more glad that I got to interview the escorts. I posted just a few tantalizing photos on Facebook. Thank you Shane Langford for my two amazing outfits. My leather and jeans are featured on the main page of the website. The girlie girl outfit I wore in the second half of the show is seen above. Many, many photos were taken of everyone and will soon be seen at www.studiosixlimited.com.
We talked to Dan from RunPee at this weekend's box office. Dan is awesome, and so is his website. Freakin' brilliant if you ask me. And, is predicted, it was Tyler Perry's film that came in number one.
The MTV VMA's were on last night. And, because it's MTV, it will be played over and over. Madonna's spoken tribute to Michael Jackson was lovely. And the dance tribute to him was terrific. It started with the Thriller video and then the live dancers came in, they did Smooth Criminal and Bad, and then started the video for the duet he did with Janet called Scream. My favorite part was the camera angle in which he was over her right shoulder and they danced together. Very tough, perfectly in sync, very, very cool.
Pink did a Lil' Kim and wore a heart over her breast. It didn't come off. And that classy Kanye. Teenage Taylor Swift is up there accepting her very first VMA and he takes the mic from her to say how great Beyonce's video is. Camera goes to Beyonce. She's mortified. Two women feel sick about it now. What did that accomplish Kanye? Oh, you got press, OK.
Ah, and the penis stories. If it works fine after it's reattached, should the woman who cut it off have to go to jail? Really now? Listen to the whole story on the show www.thejaneellen.com Hear Jane.