The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #168 Fri 10.30.09

Hillbilly Bone. The Video premiere. Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins. And so many others. Including me, Nathan, and Cassie, to name but a few. Can Roman White direct an award-winning video or what? (I'm just assuming.)

The only movie out this weekend is Michael Jackson's This Is It. It made $7.4 million in the US on Wednesday alone. I suspect it will do well.

You know, just because a can of spray stuff in the house with a tiny straw doesn't make it compressed air. Sometimes it makes it silicone, you know, like WD-40. Not what is recommended to spray all over the keyboard of your laptop. Yet, that's just what I did. And mine still works. Not perfectly, but it works.

Remember to change your clocks this weekend. Going back to standard time. The way it's supposed to be.

Donny and Marie are making a new album. First time in about 30 years. Really.

Halloween on a Saturday night. Here there is an excellent chance of rain. Don't know why that makes me cackle. Also makes me want to go to the gay club. I am told that Halloween night is THE night to attend. I really have been meaning to go. I have also been told it doesn't get rolling until 11pm. That is a tad late for a mother of toddlers. But I would be willing to make an exception.

Have a glorious weekend. Talk to you in November.