The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #154 Mon 10.12.09

Who knew that the thought of 25,000 Swedish women living together in the allegedly made up city of Chako Paul City would attract the attention of so many Chinese men? But it has. The story is that a man-hater formed it in northern Sweden in 1820. But no one can actually find the city. Swedish officials have officially denied its existence. Sounds like a government cover-up to me.

Ralph Lauren is hearing all about his ad for his Blue Label featuring already thin Filippa Hamilton. She appears to have been so drastically digitally thinitized that heroine chic doesn't even cover the size of her waist. Maybe 12 inches?

In Maine Dave Castro carried his 97 pound wife Lacey through an obstacle course in 54.45 seconds. That means they won $485 (five times her weight) and her weight in beer. The course was 278 yards long. You can imagine Jim's disparaging remarks. Feel free to listen at Hear Jane on www.thejaneellen.com.

It's all new, Geek Chic, Tube Job, Can You Dig It, and so on. Jim even wrote a book review. Gasp. It's true. The video that Nathan and Cassie and I are featured in will premiere on November 3. It's Blake Shelton with Trace Adkins and it's called Hillbilly Bone. Be prepared to be amused.