The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #157 Thu 10.15.09

Ah, if only we had done a videocast today. Adam and I were a visual treat as we acted out scenes from Fellowship. "You. Shall Not. Paaaaaaass!" You see, if all goes according to plan. Brien Travis will see Lord of the Rings for the very first time today. Adam is sad he will not get to be a part of this initiation. I just hope he finds something to love about it. I really don't want it to damage our relationship. It's just THAT important to me. Sure, I have friends who married people who didn't love the same movies they do. Wow, that's just so hard to imagine.

George Clooney says he'd rather have a prostate exam than get on Facebook. But he loves my podcast. Too busy he's been squiring around this attractive brunette. What he needs is a classic blonde. You know, I have a Clooney Clause in my marriage. It's all a go when it comes to George. He and Jim are the same age. I can just swap them out. No problem. For real.

Have been talking to some people who enjoy jogging. You know how they get a runner's high? Well Adam experiences a coucher's high. I can see that.

A pet shop owner will not get fined in Virginia for tossing out 200 dead rats. How do you get 200 dead rats all at once. Adam explained that the first rule of Rat Fight Club is don't talk about Rat Fight Club.

Seems in Mexico the rich cuss more than the poor and they cuss about 20 times a day. Saying Ay Caramba! is the equivalent of saying Gosh! Just so you'll know.

We had a big time with Adam's Megan Fox photo shoot, The Extruder movie and more. You have to hear it to believe it. Click on Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com.