The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #166 Wed 10.28.09

Today was Raven's last day with us. She was a most excellent dog. She lived with us since she was four weeks old, a bit unusual I know. But it was just one of those things. I didn't talk about it during the show because I tend to feel the show is about being entertaining. The written word is a different form of expression. Raven had turned ten this past May. She was very young, especially compared to my other pets. But the cancer showed up and spread quickly through her mouth and neck. Raven was a Rottweiller/Black Lab mix. She looked like a Rottie puppy her whole life and weighed around 55-60 pounds during her youth. But she was lower to the ground and really a medium-sized girl, even though she sounded huge when you described her. She was a great bird catcher. She loved to chew them, head first, until they lost their flavor, then spit them out. It's so strange now, to be in this house, with only Gracie. For the past 20 years I've always had two to three to even four pets (not including the fish). Now, to be down to just one again, it's like when I just had Magnum, the world's most perfect dog. He lived to be 13. Gracie, who is now seven, favors him in the breed department. But she is a tad insane. Real pretty though. No doubt the loss of Raven today had me reaching for one of my favorite songs that was never a hit, just an album cut, that I simply stuck with me. It's from Mary Chapin Carpenter's State of the Heart called It Don't Bring You. Definitely worth your time. Pretty much anything she sings is.

Adam and I did the show before Raven's final trip to the vet so there was room for some funny. Taylor Lautner from the latest in the series of Twilight films, he's a werewolf you know, wants people to recognize him for his acting, not his chest. Adam's wife is sooooo into those films and he called Taylor Johnny Nip Nip the Werewolf and Count Sparklethorpe. Now that's some comedy right there.

We discussed Kevin Spacey's acting career. He took on Superman, he took on Santa Claus. That leaves, pretty much, Jesus for him to take on, in the movies that is.

Rosie O'Donnell said there was a time when she and Angelina talked about getting together but nothing happened. Adam had A LOT to say about that.

Brien named his stomach. And then we ended up talking about Designing Women. Again, you need to hear it. Go to www.thejaneellen.com Hear Jane.