The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #165 Tue 10.27.09

Adam and I, and Jim for a wee bit, had quite a time today. First of all, there was this chick in Florida. She got charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. She nearly hit a person and ran over mailboxes. Which is amazing. Because she told the deputy that she had some vodka. Her blood alcohol level was .088 percent. And she had smoked some crack. And she had some Oxycodone, and Clonopin. Oh, and there was the Baklaphine she took, and the Lirica. Um, let's see, she also took some Tegradol, and the Paxcil, and the Dilantin, and the Lamiktal. Hope she didn't leave anything out. How was she even able to express all that with all those meds in her? That is a feat in and of itself. I am also impressed that she didn't do any more damage to herself and others. Wow.

In Athens, GA a woman scared away a burglar by getting on all fours and acting like a dog. What breed of dog remains to be seen.

I was in the Music City yesterday and stopped by the Starbucks near the Vanderbilt University campus. I was describing those inside to Adam. He put it well. It was like the cast for a high school musical movie. So beautiful. Even the lighting was lovely. I went to college. So did Adam. I had never seen so many beautiful people in one place at one time before. No one was significantly overweight either. I guess that's what Southern California is like.

Brien Travis really should be on film at all times. He went to a place, not a Starbucks, for coffee yesterday. And the chick handing him his coffee thought the best thing to do would be to pour it in his lap, reach for the money, and then run away. This caused his Tourette's to flair up and he could not control himself verbally. As is often the case. Adam works in retail and said that some times the his co-workers really do bring the abuse upon themselves. It all rolls into the theory that the majority, and quite possibly all of my male friends with the exception of Jay from high school are, what my husband call, my Asshole Friends. And he is King of the Assholes. They are nice to very few people. I am one of those people. It is a peculiar personality trait. Kind of like me being a lion tamer. Only I tame them with baked goods and sarcasm.

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