The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #150 Tue 10.06.09

Debi Mazar and my Maks--gone from DWTS. See the quality you get when I wait to write the blog? And this proves my point. It's not just the scores, it's the fan base. Michael Irvin and Anna D. had a 14. But he won three Super Bowls. I know who Debi Mazar is, yet I can't name her films. See? And my head is loaded with minutiae. Tom DeLay and Cheryl had the second to lowest score with the judges at 15 but he decided to step down with stress fractures in both feet. And yet they still went on with the elimination. It had been rumba vs. samba. Tough calls.

Mark Burnett takes Fantasy Island to a whole new level of ponderous. You could win your dream job at a resort. Adam summed it up nicely. Concierge. Yes, 12 contestants will compete to be a real life Mr. or Mrs. (what happened to Miss, or even Ms.?) Roarke who have to help guests fulfill fantasies. No, it won't be on Cinemax either.

Seeing as Brien Travis wasn't on the show, we felt it best to talk about him at great length. There was a valid reason. Drew Barrymore directed Whip It and I know that Adam harbors ill will toward her. And I know that Brien totally digs her. So I sought resolution. You simply must hear why Adam feels the way he does. Then we went through Brien's list, without him there of course, and Adam remarked upon it. And then we went on to say how very successful he is in Japan. I kid you not. Tales of Lazy Wednesdays is a hit. Why it has taken off in Japan and not, let's say, in places where English is the national language, I do not know. But you can buy it on iTunes and Amazon. Go to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com.

What Adam and I want to know is why did the neighbor of actor David Prowse, the physical body of Darth Vader in the original, cooler trilogy, just assume that a porno was being filmed. Instead of a non-porno film? And called the police saying Prowse was filming a porno. When he wasn't. It was a regular film. Of the non-porn sort. Those types of films use lighting equipment too. How bizarre.

David Boreanaz has the flu and Bones production has been shut down for a bit. Yes, he's just that sick.