The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #160 Tue 10.20.09

Adam and I had a George Clooney lovefest today. It all started because of a story in which he said that in some of his relationships he said he was lonely. Well, we, and we include superstar in Japan Brien Travis, would've happily been there for him. You truly need to hear our conversation. We assume that Clooney sparkles like the vampires in Twilight. We figure that on some days his shower just shrugs and says, "George, you're good." Do go to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com.

Sadly, drummer Phil Collins can drum no more, for the time being anyway. He had surgery in April for a dislocated vertebra in his neck and now he has no feeling in his fingers. However, he does still write music and sing. In 2010 he is planning a CD of 30 remakes of Motown songs that he hopes sound just like the originals. Thing is, if it sounds just like the original, why do it in the first place?

Whitney Houston had a wardrobe malfunction when she performed on the X-Factor. Wonder who caught it after she finished? No skin showed, but it had to be annoying. Because if it's one thing want to happen when you're performing, you want your clothes to stay on.

Anyway. I got to spend almost two and a half hours waiting in a doctor's office today. Delightful. Thank goodness I got to text the time away. But I did have other things to get on with. Like the rest of my life.

My beloved webmaster's computer has an evil virus and it looks like his entire hard drive is going to have to be wiped clean. That is why there are no new updates this week. Oh, we did them, they just won't load. And that's irritating for all of us.