The One About Beds

Sleeping. I am all for it. And because I have a history of failing to do it properly, I am intrigued by how people choose to sleep. Meaning their surroundings. When it comes down to it, everyone is a little particular about their beds. I am most familiar with mine, so I'll start us off.

First of all, I have to have a high thread count 100% cotton sheet. None of that half cotton half polyester stuff. Hate it. Won't have it near me. It pills up. I barely tolerate the 400 thread count to be perfectly honest. And this all started by mistake, but what a glorious mistake it was. I was living on my own and needed sheets. So I figured white sheets would be the least expensive. I didn't know anything about thread counts. And I certainly didn't look at the price. And had no idea it was going to cost $60 per sheet. But I bit the bullet. Those sheets lasted about 15 years and only got better with each washing. I learned.

I think we, humans, that we, not the royal we, spend about one third of our lives in our beds. So, shouldn't they be a place of comfort? I am all about a good sheet now. Even my girls prefer a higher thread count. They will go for their Dora pillowcases but they realize the Dora sheets feel different from the burgundy sheets. Well, they do.

The house I have lived in the longest in Tennessee has a master bedroom which I call the cave. Which is funny because my friend Brien calls his bedroom the nest. Similar reasons. Because my husband and I used to do shift work I made the room dark on purpose, thus the name. It has a king sized bed with awesome sheets and, on average, three to six layers on top. I like to sleep cold. Translated that means I like the room cold but me warm underneath the covers.

Seems Brien likes it the same way. (I don't know this from personal experience so keep your minds out of the gutter please.) The really fascinating thing to me about his nest is he currently has 13 layers on his bed and I suspect it will make it to 18 or during the winter. Same theory. Sleep cold, under covers. However, he can control the temperature in his nest. I have to accommodate Jim who does not allow a window to be open. Heaven forbid any fresh air enter our home.

Just in case you were wondering, Jim doesn't care how many covers Brien, or anyone else, happens to sleep under. He is barely conscious that we have covers on our own bed. Except when they are off of him. Then he is aware of it and all hell breaks loose.

I know some people who sleep with their Star Wars sheets. I'm cool with that. Yes, they are over 21. Some prefer satin. Some have to have everything match. I have friends who have very girlie bedrooms that their husbands just sort of pass through. Their husbands, in turn, have a Manland elsewhere. My bedroom isn't all that girlie. None of my house is. I encompass all that is girlie. I don't need furniture to do that for me.

I have friends who have bedrooms with sitting rooms and bathrooms that are so awesome I could simply live there. I would like to take bits and pieces of my friends' homes though. I would like to be able to sleep hearing the water like Brien does. I would like Leslie's bathtub. Though I fear she would know it was I who stole it. I covet Shan's dining room table. But that has nothing to do with how one sleeps. I thought I'd throw that in here in case she wanted to give it to me. And I really want a set of 1,000 count sheets just because I am curious. I don't do drugs. But I do do sheets. I just said do do. Ha! Well, it's true. And Jim, in case I forget to tell you, I am planning to repaint the bedroom soon. Not this week, not next, but soon. Now I will feel like I have told you. I have witnesses.