The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #162 Thu 10.22.09

Kanye West is alive and well, no matter what you heard. Rosie O'Donnell and her wife Kelli have separated. Michael (Harold Perrineau) says he's not coming back to Lost because he was never asked. Or it's the Walt conundrum. The child actor has grown so much it's a time space continuum problem. Carnie Wilson is getting her own reality show on Game Show Network. It will start in January and it's called Unstapled.

Other than those topics, Adam and I talked about my delightful surgery experience yesterday. Hey, when you get to quote lines from Animal House and Stripes, it's a good day. When the staff wonders what they'll do without you the next day, you know you've done your job. Being a patient isn't just about cooperating. It's about bringing your A game to the people around you who are going to be taking care of you. The nicer and more fun you are to them, the better it is for everyone. Because, hard to believe, some people do not go into a surgical procedure yukking it up, before they hit you with the meds even. But, it has been established, I am not just some people.

Now that I am full-o-prescription painkillers, for at least two more days, I am going to just let you listen to the show. That's what you need to do anyway. www.thejaneellen.com Hear Jane.