The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #152 Thu 10.08.09

Adam and I only had time for a quickie today, but it was quality comedy I assure you. Let me try and sum it up for you. Some chick threw a small dog at a police officer. The good news is the cop is OK. The dog is OK. Now the snarky remark. It would've been visually funnier if she'd thrown a large dog. Not that we want anyone hurt. Just looking for the visual. Well, she had thrown a cell phone at her boyfriend. The chick is apparently quite a thrower. She got arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. This happened in Nebraska.

Adam wants to eat a dinosaur. He feels that will make him cooler. I find that hard to believe.

This funeral director in Texas has been doing icky things. It is unclear whether it has been to more than one corpse or not. But hey, he took pictures. And put it on his computer. Good thing he was harassing his ex-girlfriend so much she had to call the police and they searched his computer. That's how they found the pictures of him with his penis touching the feet of a nude, dead woman. Or women. That's where I'm unclear. That's a class A misdemeanor. And disgusting.

Adam and I had much more to discuss. I suggest you listen to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com. Nathan Stoops will be my guest on tomorrow's show. Be sure you go to the Music page at Brien's website. He has done a very cool thing. He has offered an in-depth explanation of all the songs on Tales of Lazy Wednesdays. Brilliant.