The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #169 Mon 11.02.09

Halloween was very entertaining. The girls changed costumes back and forth. They were at different times a flower, Cinderella, a princess and a ladybug. Best part is we had all these given to us last year. Unfortunately, none of them will fit next year. Sigh. As usual, we had no trick-or-treaters.

Jim has mocked my first time appearance in a nationally prominent video. Well, as one of my friends put it, if Jim actually like something I did, we wouldn't know it was him. The pod people would have replace him. You can watch Hillbilly Bone at www.cmt.com by Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins. I'm just in it. It's not "my" song. I have a few friends who wanted to see more of me. So I told them to take me out to lunch. Trust me, no one is going to recognize me because of my appearance in the video. But it was great fun doing it and I was so glad I got the opportunity.

This guy is suing Axe because he says their ads led him to believe that by using all their products he would attract girls. He's used them for years and so far, no luck. Wonder if he's using too much or too little or if he's just a dud.

A guy in San Diego was on trial for a home invasion robbery. He thought it would be a good idea to smear feces on his lawyer then throw it at the jury. You know? It wasn't. He got 31 years.

This Is It made $101 worldwide and $21.3 domestically, which is good for a concert film. It's bound to made tons in DVD sales.

Remember to change your calendar. It's Rollvember as Jim loves to say. I'll be in Thursday's Tennessean if you want something to look forward to. Adam and Jim will do the show with me tomorrow. Ah, happiness.

The recipe of the week is coconut shrimp with apricot sauce. Delightful. It's on the Cook Jane page. Enjoy the show. Go to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com.