The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #158 Fri 10.16.09

Meghan McCain has shown Nathan Stoops and I the way. Clearly, if we want thousands and thousands of followers, we need to take more interesting photos. Meghan has removed the one she recently posted because of all the flak she received. It's her holding an Andy Warhol bio and her bodacious ta-tas that reach just about under her chin. Some people felt it was NSFW (not safe for work). We felt it was safe enough. But Nathan and I have some photos that we need to take. Of each other. Chris Cagle is playing in Chicago tonight so I suggested to Nathan that he get a famous Chicago pizza a hold it in front of his nude body. That would generate some buzz on Twitter.

Garth Brooks has come out of retirement. He'll be playing at the Wynn Resort in Vegas for just the weekends doing acoustic concerts. Then a private jet will fly him home so he can take his kids to school. He'll work just 15 weeks a year for five years. He said, "We're going to take the retirement roof off over our head, and I already feel taller." I love it when he speaks plural or third person.

Taylor Swift is hosting Saturday Night Live on November 7. Can you smell the Kanye jokes?

Nathan and the the rest of the guys will be playing on Halloween night so after I walked the road of deciding how good he would look as a woman, I decided he needed to be Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride. It would be an easy costume to come up with and he so looks like Cary Elwes when he pulls his hair back. So doable. Decision made.

Movies out this weekend are Where the Wild Things Are. I loved the Maurice Sendak book and the trailers actually look like the book. It's a mix of puppeteering, CGI and live action. Spike Jones is the director and it's PG Family. Law Abiding Citizen is R with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx is the DA and Gerard Butler is the criminal in jail out for revenge. And The Stepfather is a remake. And it's a PG Horror film, which is unusual. A kid thinks his mom's boyfriend isn't what he seems.

This is the last weekend you can vote for this show for the Podcast Awards. The details are the the main page at www.thejaneellen.com. Please do so. And this weekend we will announce the first winner of the Manhattan Salon giveaway. Register on the main page as well. Brien Travis's Tales of Lazy Wednesdays continues to sell and sell in Japan. Let's try buying it in the U.S. now. You can get in on iTunes and Amazon. It's under $10 so what are you waiting for? Have a great weekend.