The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #153 Fri 10.09.09

Nathan Stoops called in from the road today. Or, specifically, the ladies room at the club where he and the rest of Chris Cagle and the guys were playing tonight. We talked in the morning so the club was not yet open for business.

I have a photo shoot to race to so go and listen at www.thejaneellen.com Hear Jane. But these are the topic highlights.

Hilary Swank sleeps in the nude. We're cool with that. But the 6-year-old son of her boyfriend sees her that way. What do you think? Rick Springfield is showing full buttal in a four episode arc in Californication starting Sunday on Showtime. WOooooo. Marge Simpson is the cover on Playboy's November issue. Yet Nathan's first guess was Taylor Swift. That's worth exploring.

Miley Cyrus is no longer on Twitter but her dad thinks she should return. Couples Retreat is the only major release this weekend. It's a PG13 comedy with Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau and Jason Bateman.

And there is supposed to be an announcement made regarding our video today. Oh, I guess it's not our video. It's Blake Shelton's. Whatevah.