The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #164 Mon 10.26.09

What actor, alive today (this is a real question) could play Clark Gable in a biopic? Only one answer. Only one guy has the style, the carriage, the panache. And that's Clooney. Don't know if such a film is being planned. But seriously, no one else could even come close to pulling that one off. Obviously.

The Bee Gees have made 50 years of music and Robin Gibb remarked that Saturday Night Fever had a pretty profound effect on culture, as did Sgt. Pepper and Thriller. I would have to concur.

Jim totally grossed me out by sending me this link of a guy putting 16 Madagascar hissing cockroaches in his mouth just to break a record. The hard part was trying to prevent them from crawling down his throat. Oh that's so disgusting I can't believe I just wrote it. Here, you watch it. I'm going to be sick.

Garth Brooks has sold out the first 20 of his Vegas shows in less than five hours. Each ticket is about $125. The theater seats 1500. He is the best-selling solo act in history by the way.

Well, I had a grand day today. Got my stitches out. Had lunch with my too cute friend Dana McDowell. I really hate being out in public with her because she just IS that attractive. Then I went to an audition for a commercial where most of the actors appeared to be about 15 to 20 years older than I am. I knew my lines. That wasn't the issue. But I can't say that I have a good feeling about getting this gig. But I had a delightful time nonetheless. Was floored at Starbucks though. It was nowhere near the audition and yet it was like model central. Do you have to be a model to attend Vanderbilt, or just look like one? Unbelievable.