The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #161 Wed 10.21.09

Adam and I had a very unusual show today. I really should change the name of the podcast to In Bed With Jane. I have a rather large bedroom and a king-sized bed. Sometimes we move all the equipment int there. It's very cozy. Which is why I told hi the story of how I taught the girls how to fly the bed. It's one of the games we play at night. We have to flap our arms, turn it sideways to get out of the house, then we rise above the trees and I ask the what they see. And the first thing Jenna always sees is a dragon. Hers are invariably purple. Adam went on to tell of how he was telling 5th graders about Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox and one of the kids was stuck on the fact that the ox spoke. Not that it was blue or this mountain of a man could catch a comet by a tail. Hmmm.

Reviews are memorable to those being reviewed if they are good. They are memorable to those reading them if they are vicious. Seems the revival of Bye Bye Birdie was not that well received by whoever wrote the review for Reuters. Let me just include the last sentence. "Nolan Gerard Funk might be a star on Nickelodeon, but as Conrad Birdie, he is less suggestive of Elvis than of a missing Jonas brother."

A guy in Birmingham loved Racer X so much he put seven X's on his license plate. That messed up the computer system because officials put seven x's down when the license plate is missing. He gets about ten tickets a day. Well, he doesn't. But they're issued to him.

Anyway, I've got nothing else to do today so I'm going to go and have some surgery. We should be back tomorrow. That's the plan anyway. Listen to the show. We worked hard for you. And Still, no site updates do to the computer virus on our beloved webmaster's computer. No one is happy about that, believe me.