The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #159 Mon 10.19.09

Go Dog Go is better than Where the Wild Things Are? And that is where Jim and I part ways. Those books do not even compare. He thought Wild Things, the book, was just weird. Ah, what does he know? The movie brought in over $32 million this past weekend. Law Abiding Citizen made over $21 million.

This is the week that IFC is air one hour dealies about the Monty Python TV series. A little bit of brilliance. Jim is not that into British comedy. Really, he finds so few things funny. Saying "the larch" should make a person laugh. Well, it should. Doesn't work on him.

Maksim is back on DWTS because Derek Hough has a fever of 104. It's not boogie fever however. Seems to have the flu. Mark Ballas may be coming down with it too. Not so good.

You really should hear our discussion about Humpty Dumpty. The BBC has changed the ending because they say kids are horrified that he can't be put back together again so the ending is he was made happy again. Well, wasn't he an egg? That's the basis for the discussion. Go to www.thejaneellen.com and choose Hear Jane. Now, when I tell nursery rhymes or fairy tales, my versions are embellished. Worth listening to.