The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #167 Thu 10.29.09

As I write this a man is cleaning. Now I don't write that in the way somewhere a butterfly flaps its wings and a storm begins somewhere else. No, nothing so esoteric. I mean a man, not a pretend one, but an actual man is cleaning. Just a few feet away from me. Now it would be awesome if it were Jensen Ackles. But it's not. For the sake of this I will pretend it is. He's actually cleaning the furniture. Not to gross you out or anything but, it's just the way it went down. Part of Raven's illness, her cancer, was in her mouth. She drooled something fierce. And not normal clear drool but gobs of brown stuff. See? Already you're gagging. Well, point being, her favorite spots on the furniture retained a bit of an odor. He said he'd give me an estimate I said don't bother. Just clean it.

Jim and I did a very brief show due to some technical difficulties which have now been fixed. And, it was bound to happen. Brien is next to Brent in my contact list in my phone. And the program I use is called Acid. Suspicious sounding I know. We also speak in shorthand to each other. Now, Acid was giving me issues. I was angry at Acid. Words were exchanged. And I sent a message to Brent that was meant for Brien. Ah, comedy. Brent was just happy to hear from me. And happy to hear that I was not "doing" acid.

I posted some interesting video, interesting to me anyway, which is the point of my entire show, of the body of a great white shark which had been pretty much bitten in half by another great white shark. The biter had to have been twenty feet long. "You're gonna need a bigger boat." So look for it on my Twitter feed or Facebook.

Creepy that Octomom dressed as a pregnant nun then dressed all her kids as red devils? Yes. Creepier that she and Jon Gosselin might do a reality show about them dating? Yes.

Shakira is on the cover of Rolling Stone. And she says her body is asking her to have babies. And her She Wolf video is a must see. Oh yes.