The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #151 Wed 10.07.09

Adam Cravens. He brings the funny. Maybe it was just that I had him under complete control because I had stuffed his arteries full of bacon and pancakes. Then he dipped the bacon into a mound of butter. And he deemed it good eatin'. That's the way to make it all work.

Today's show was a show filled with many voices. That's why it's one of those must hear shows. Certainly, they all are. And by the end of it, Adam was apologizing for the content. Now, was that entirely necessary? Go to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com and decide for yourself. In short, I had pointed out that Brien, again, not present so unable to defend himself, had said that Sally Field in Norma Rae (he actually reads the Tube Job) was hot. And I said she was all sweaty in that. Much hotter in other films. Then I started speaking in a tone that I assumed the voice in Brien's head used. And Adam assumed the voice in his head sounded like Pacino in Scent of a Woman. And it writes itself.

We had an enormous discussion about a certain actor named Shia. I asked Adam why he is such a big deal. I do not find him repulsive, and yet, he's not that smokin' hot. He doesn't act on a Phantom Menace level, and yet he's not Olivier. Hey, look it up. Adam is filled with much bitterness. You will enjoy it. I know I did.

And it seems the FBI investigated Anna Nicole for a murder plot against her one-time son-in-law. The one who was giving her all the grief over her dead husband's enormous estate. Well, there was no case. Her husband died of natural causes. The son-in-law did too.

There is much to see and do on the website. Enjoy.