The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #177 Fri 11.13.09

Friday the 13th. That's today. In case you didn't notice. Or care. Triskadekaphobia. Fear of the number 13. You got that? I hope not. OK, had an issue with today's show. Man it was really hilarious. Not that we didn't deliver. But man, the Adam show was awesome. However. The computer sort of, let's see, shut down before it saved. A few corrupted files here and there and you only get part of the show. Sure, I could've edited all out, but I'm having a slacker Friday. So what you get is part of the Adam show wrapped up with the Jim show. Boy, that Adam show sure was great. wish you could've heard it. Sigh.

Movies out:
Fantastic Mr. Fox PG family animated with George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett and Bill Murray, three Oscar winners, one nominated. Pirate Radio R comedy with Philip Seymour Hoffman about pirate radio in Britain in the 60's. 2012 PG 13 sci-fi Roland Emmerich blows up a lot of stuff because the Mayan calendar said so. John Cusack loses the sensitive stuff this time and just goes for the CGI. Man, he digs me.

Some chick asked where I got my lips done the other day. I had to break it to her that neck down, done, lips, actually mine. Then you have to listen to the stream of consciousness that continues until the end of the show. My gift to you.

Enjoy your weekend.