The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #176 Thu 11.12.09

Little Jimmy Dickens spoofing Kanye on the CMA's was the highlight of the show. OK, it's all I saw of it. Taylor Swift dominated, even won Entertainer of the year, but at the video award she did not win he interrupted Brad Paisley to say how great her video was. Nicely played.

Jim and I discussed the woman who appeared on Oprah who had been mauled by a chimp earlier this year. It was quite horrific. Chimps can grow up to weigh 200 lbs. Don't know why you would think having one of those around the house would be a good idea.

A guy in Iowa City thought it would be a great idea to use his local CVS as toilet. Oddly enough, he was wasted at the time.

My perfect stylist Shane got hired at Kohl's. How exciting. Love that. Now I'll know the very day the Vera Wang shoes go on sale.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Hope you don't have an issue with that. Because it's gonna happen.