The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary Wed 11.04.09

First it was all that sushi leading to mercury poisoning. Now it's 12 cups of soy milk today apparently giving Jeremy Piven man boobs. Adam says that Jeremy's real problem is gluttony. Once he finds something he likes he just goes overboard with it.

James Franco is going to do a few appearances on 30 Rock. Adam and I, overlooked again. We were second runners up to host the Oscars. But we don't mind that it's Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hosting it March 7.

So this guy, the same age as Adam (29), didn't want to go to work. He called the police, went to the hospital with his thigh ripped apart with knife wounds. Those Mexicans, or skinheads, had attacked him. Oh, no, it was just he didn't want to go to work and did it to himself. What do you do to yourself the next month? Try to break your leg?

OK, so I mixed up Marmaduke and Clifford the Big Red Dog. Good thing too because I wasn't hearing the voice casting of Owen Wilson as Clifford. I can hear him as Marmaduke. Adam and I both agreed that you should not write off Marley and Me. It is a surprisingly good movie for a number of reason. The last one being the house they end up in at the end of the film. That's a gorgeous home. We covet that home.

Adam and I had a brilliant show. I'll admit it. You have to hear it, We even discussed the ignorance of raging old redneck who hurled venom at one of our gay friends yesterday. Read about it under Read Jane The One About Ignorance. Everyone I have told about it said they didn't know such things happened these days. It is hard to believe. Especially when it doesn't happen to you. It's revolting behaviour.

Anyway, go to www.thejaneellen.com and click on Hear Jane. Also, go to www.brientravis.com because it's time to start shopping for the holidays. And you can own Brien. Well, his music. Not him. I would say I own him but he would take issue with that and so on. We just won't bring that up. Then my other men would be jealous. Can't have the boys acting up. It would bring about unpleasantness.