The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #184 Tue 11.24.09

Christmas Eve. One month from today. Just throwing that out there.

Also out there, Glambert's performance on the AMA's has continued to ruffle a few feathers. Seems the dancer's face was not that close to his groin in rehearsal and the kiss with the band member wasn't in rehearsal at all. He says he likes to improvise. He recovered nicely from his tumble which wasn't planned and showed he was singing live which I appreciated. I also appreciated his going for some sort of show and spectacle. I appreciated his desire to make an impression and really package and market himself. He has always known who he is. And, in most cases, any press is good press. And this has certainly garnered him press. However, it's not like it was a great vocal, and he can deliver that. It kind of seemed all over the place. I wasn't offended by any of it. I just thought there was too much going on and the sound quality was off.

Adam was on the show and had quite the discussion over his BFF Vic and whether or not they had ever gone mano a mano and just blocked it out. Because they have been mistaken for a gay couple for years. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I asked if their respective wives were beards. Adam said not any longer. Anyway, it was quite revealing.

John Mayer seems to be so stuck on himself that he announced that he should be having more sex with girls. Or sex with more girls. Or some such nonsense. I don't even want to talk about it.

Adam's wife got him to see New Moon and he did say the production values are way above those of Twilight. So there's that. And then, to take the bad taste away for him, I had him quote lines from Wrath of Khan. Which brought us to Star Trek VI and then Sound of Music and my brilliant idea. What if the Sound of Music was performed entirely in Klingon? Sad thing is, it's probably already been done.

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