The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary # 181 Thu 11.19.09

What a threesome. Me. Adam Cravens. And he's a superstar in Japan Brien Travis. Even Nathan Stoops phoned in for a wee bit. Quite frankly, I was in a tizzy. Because the bulk of the show was me and Brien and Adam and I, I used the term threesome. Which led to the word orgy, because in college Brien walked in on one, and quickly walked out. We then wondered how many people constitute an orgy. We have collectively decided it is five. None of us have participated or plan to, but have decided that five, being an odd number, means that something is going on that require a special word like orgy.

Already you have to hear this show to appreciate it. Go to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com. We talked about how Will Ferrell tops the Forbes list because he makes a lot of money but his movies don't. We chatted about how Miley Cyrus used odd word choices saying she doesn't believe in New Moon or something like that. Well, we don't believe in vampires either, but the books do exist so what exactly did she mean, or was she misquoted?

Adam did his awesome Will Smith imitation. Oh, seriously, just listen to the show. It's just one of my favorites. And it ends with a song. Brien covered the Joni Mitchell song River. And you get to hear it. So there.