The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #173 Fri 11.06.09

911. Emergency calls. Is it really an emergency when you can't find your car? Or the guy who said he was going to marry you won't? It was to Hee Orama of Clarksville. She just didn't get the concept that her personal emergencies were not emergencies for law enforcement. She got to go to jail. Twice. Clue bus. Driving by.

So this guy is naked in his truck. In a Wal-Mart parking lot. The police are called. Oh, this was in North Naples. And he tells the cop that he had explosive diarrhea which is why he had to remove all of his clothes. Well, the problem with that was there was no, shall we say, evidence of such a disturbance in his truck. So he went to jail. I would like to add that as a former dispatcher, what a call to assign. Let's just say everyone is available. Who do you pick to do on that one, hmm?

More naked, this time near where I went to college. A guy in Stafford, Virginia was running around. Seems he had gotten into magic mushrooms. Then walked into the path of a train. Luckily for him the train was going nine miles an hour. He's alive.

Saw the Shaun Cassidy biography that came out in 2008 on BIO this week. Interesting. His mom, Shirley Jones, his half brother David Cassidy, and his brothers Ryan and Patrick, all there. But no Shaun. And no permission to use the music either. And they name his first wife and child, seems Caitlyn Cassidy is something like 28 now. Then they say he and whoever got married in 2005 I think and have maybe three kids, could be four by now. They named her. However they glossed over other wives and kids. Odd. I loved his shows American Gothic, Roar and Invasion. LOVED THEM. But I digress.

Movies out this weekend: Disney's A Christmas Carol in 3 D is PG animated and family with Jim Carrey doing many of the voices, plus Robin Wright Penn and Bob Hoskins. The Men Who Stare at Goats is an R Drama with George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges and Ewan McGregor. The Box is PG 13 Horror with Frank Langella, Cameron Diaz and James Marsden. Precious is an R drama getting all the critics raving about it. The Fourth Kind is PG 13 action. Pretty big weekend compared to last.

Oh, and today was the Michael Jackson seance in London. Wonder how that went. I mean, did they say he showed up by moonwalking or something? I've been recording an audio book and have been in the studio all day. I suppose I could find out. Well, I did find out for Wendy of the Crack Research Team who needed to know what Orthanc was. Naturally, it's where Saraman was. You know, the tower. Duh. Wasn't that enough?