The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #175 Wed 11.11.09

Happy Double Eleven Day. My peeps and I decided that as Double Ten day you eat Chinese food on Double Eleven day it should be Italian. Just sayin'.

It was a big, big day. Brien Travis graced me with his presence. He so rarely comes to the show. Oh, we talk about him constantly. But he prefers to remain a mystery. Or he prefers to be building a mystery like his girlfriend Sarah. Oh, while I'm thinking of it, buy his retrospective Tales of Lazy of Wednesdays available now on iTunes and Amazon. Now. Buy it. This blog will be here when you get back.

OK, so a lot of naked on today's show. On, not during. Christian Serrato has done a PETA ad. She's naked in the woods. By the way, New Moon comes out November 20.

More air brushing going on with Demi Moore on the cover of W. She looks great. She talks about how she'd rather be a puma instead of a cougar. You really need to hear that conversation.

Oh, Brien and I are doing another duet for the holidays. You can hear Baby It's Cold Outside on www.youtube.com. And we're going to do What Are You Doing New Year's Eve. Very soon.

The website is down for a wee bit. Issues. Wait until around noon Thursday and all will be restored. Adam will be on tomorrow's show but it won't be until after 3pm cst. Just so you'll know.