The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #185 Wed 11.25.09

Thanksgiving Eve and one month away from Christmas. Just putting it into perspective for you. This is a quickie. So swamped. More perspective. The driving. The editing. I'm recording some audio books which I totally expect you to buy. All four are completely different. So I have picked up all sorts of things to file away, as I am wont to do. For instance, did you know that Ulysses S. Grant's real name wasn't Ulysses S. Grant? His middle name didn't start with an S, OK, at this very second it has slipped my mind, but when his paperwork was filled out by a patron for West Point they assumed that his middle name would be his mother's maiden name. Well, it wasn't. But the S. stuck and many in school called him Sam because of it. See? A wee bit of trivia. He tried to correct them, but it just wasn't happening.

Paula Deen got smacked in the face with a ham. She was helping to unload a truck for charity and some joker thought he would toss one like a football. That's never a good idea. It did not bust her lip, it just felt like it did. So she put a stick of butter on it and went about her business. She is, for real, cousin, to our Brien Travis. Ya'll.

Just because I know what it's like to be briefly paralyzed and yet cognizant of my surroundings I can only know what it was on an extremely small scale what Rom Houben has been going through. And I mean on an extremely small scale. 23 years ago he was in a wreck. He was pretty much written off as being in a persistent vegetative state. But guess what, he wasn't. He just couldn't tell anyone his brain was fine. Just recently technology caught up with him and they discovered his brain was normal. Now he is hooked up to a machine that allows him to talk through a computer and to read. Thank God. Unfortunately, he is still paralyzed and will never leave the hospital but at least he is not as trapped. Horrific.

Well, travel safely if you are on the road. There won't be a podcast on Thursday. I don't know about Friday or Monday yet. I have to finish these audio books for which I am paid obscene amounts of money. Oh, sorry, my fantasy finished the sentence. For which I am paid. I have a deadline that must and will be met. I will let you know when and where they are available.