The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #170 Tue 11.03.09

Drunk clowns are only funny when they are named Krusty. This guy was driving erratically, not erotically (which would've been weird) around Vancouver in a clown costume. And he crashed into a police car. In our version, then 20 clowns got out of the car and the cop pulled one pair of handcuffs after another out of his pocket. It's just a better visual that way.

I was irritated by the Avatar trailer because the CGI people looked so familiar. During the course of the show, we got the actual name. Because if you just type in Jabba dancing girls you don't get porn. Which is what Adam and I expected. It's not Wikipedia, it's Wookiepedia, all things Star Wars. Look at Oola, then watch the Avatar trailer, then tell me I'm not imagining things, OK? Adam totally saw it.

What do most people use Facebook for? My fanpage? Adam's amusing remarks? No. It's Farmville. Isn't that like Pong but with farm animals. Adam and I admit we have never used it. However, it just seems like it would be a tad lame. But what do we know.

You really have to hear the show, click on Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com to hear Adam imitate Jim when he said he didn't need the internet because he already knew everything. It was rich. I'll say.

At www.nytimes.com they have a feature that looks up their snooty words for you. Now, I'm pretty smart. Even for me. Laconic, solipsistic, banal, apoplectic, antebellum, fealty, enervating feckless, sumptuary, penury. Those are pretty run of the mill. Oh, and swine. People have to look up swine? I can see the need for Sisyphean, inchoate, schadenfreude, fungible, and our favorite, bildungsroman. Oh that Bildungsroman, what a guy.

There's a new Hollywood Vine up. Register for the Manhattan Salon giveaway. And for many it is Election Day so Elect Away and listen to an Arcadia song. (It was Arcadia, a variant of Duran Duran, right?)