The One About Christmas Songs

I am a sucker for holiday music. I fully realize it makes some people cringe. I don't play it in April or anything like that. However, that could be why I love it so. I only hear it for a few weeks out of the year and so I look forward to it. I adore a great Christmas album. I believe The Carpenters Christmas Portrait was released in 1978 and features their hit Merry Christmas Darling along with some gorgeous renditions of Ave Maria and instrumentals. It is often described as lush. Well it is certainly gorgeous and I know it note for note.

Same can be said of the entire soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas from the Vince Guaraldi Trio. Linus and Lucy, Skating, Christmastime is Here. Talk about cool and never dated. Again, for me, it's not Christmas without this music.

Songs I love, Bing's version of White Christmas, natch, Tennessee Christmas is such a great song. And I loved it before I even moved to Tennessee. Thank you Gary. Emmylou Harris singing Light of the Stable is worth your time. But, then again, isn't Emmylou singing most anything? Elton John's Step Into Christmas makes me happy. So does the video. Mmmm, cheesy.

I would mention Winter Wonderland, My Favorite Things and Baby It's Cold Outside to annoy my husband because he would say they are not Christmas songs. Oh, and because Brien Travis and I recorded Cold Outside last year, available for download on his website www.brientravis.com and as a ring tone on mine www.thejaneellen.com. This year we are recording What Are You Doing New Year's Eve. Again, not a Christmas song. But close.

Why did I just waste your time listing Christmas songs and albums? Oh, because I forgot you need to get Christmas Cocktails from the Ultra Lounge series. Those are swingin'. Anyway, because I hope that in between the getting run over by a reindeer and walkin' round in women's underwear songs, you might want to try something else. Like Kathy Mattea's Good News. And you can never go wrong with Rosemary Clooney. Yes, the more I think about it, the more I'll come up with. I hope you're not a Christmas song hatah. And if you are, I hope I have suggested something that you try and maybe even like. Just a little bit.