The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #183 Mon 11.23.09

The week of Thanksgiving. My, my, my. Where has the time gone? Let me tell you where your money has gone. To see New Moon. This weekend it made over $140 million. So The Blind Side made just under $35 million. Which is great. But compare it to $140 mil and geeeez. New Moon is quite the hit. As predicted.

Know why Robert Pattinson allegedly smells bad? He was advised that the photographers won't bug him as much if he always wears the same thing. The pictures won't look fresh. And so he wears the same clothes. Thus the odor. Well, that's all well and good but it's not like you can't wash your clothes or just get several of the same outfits. You don't have to smell bad.

Jim had much to say about my performance in the Larry the Cable Guy Hula Palooza Christmas Luau. Hey, you could see me a lot in the wrestling scene and and the waiting for Santa scene. There was much remark made by my friends that if I had not leaned over and interacted with the little girl then the scene would have been mostly me from the neck down. To some, my best feature. Anyway, http://www.cmt.com/ has the schedule and it will air many more times.

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