The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #172 Thu 11.05.09

Ah, the art of the quickie. Show that is. Adam and I had so little time today. Much desire, little time. See, practically the same thing. Technical and deadline issues were a bit of a problem today. However, we did bring up a few things. There was a story about Wal-Mart allegedly punishing people who took sick leave. Which seems foolish. The National Labor Committee is the one making the complaint. Adam says it's never been an issue. Someone's sick, they're sent home, that simple. Nobody wants you coughing and hacking all over the merchandise and each other.

This guy said he was allergic to his wife. Sure it's some compound in her body lotion. Whatever. But it gives him rapid heartbeat and he swells up. Again, sounds like normal man woman stuff. Anyway, they are still together. Who knows how that will work out.

Jim discovered this today. It is incredibly funny.

If you can find a copy of today's Tennessean, feel free to look in the main section, page 8, it's all me baby. Of course, you don't get the pull out poster effect online. But you can read it at www.firstinhealth.com.

Kim Abston of Cookeville is our first winner of the chemical peel from Manhattan Salon. We have two more to giveaway so register today.