The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast #174 Tue 11.10.09

Adam and I made up for the no show that was Monday by giving you more show for your money today. Oh yeah, it's free. Well, there is that bonus. And then I slacked and forgot to post this. Well, I do have many excuses at the ready. My yak needed feeding. I had to paint the closet. Adam's mule required a new shoe. The list goes on and on. Oh, and I forgot. Sure, I could listen to the comedy gold that was early, early this morning. But it's practically tomorrow as I write this. And Brien is actually going to do it with me. The show that is. And I think it's only the third time this year. So that's a huuuuuuuuuge deal. I'd rather do a vague memory of how I recall the show.

I tried to do a retelling to Adam of how I told my girls the story of Thanksgiving. The very first one that is. There was what came out of my mouth. And as Adam pointed out. Every good story begins with "Well, the white Europeans had invaded this country that wasn't theirs." And ended with "they all had a really great meal together." In my mind, my inner voice was telling me things like shut up, too complicated, they don't care, and so on. I tried to explain the whole Indian/Native American misnomer and feel I really failed on that point. Anna Grace, who is four, asked, "why don't we just give the land back?" I told her it was really too late. Adam made some good points that we are native Americans now. I didn't mention casinos. It was a huge mess. He was amused.

Am very excited about the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes film. He's worried about the involvement of the ex-Mr. Madonna Guy Ritchie. Me, not so much. I cannot wait.

Tube Job is delightful, though there are some things left out like a time here and there but you know? If I've told you the channel and the day, I think you can find it from there. You are very intelligent.

OK, that's really all I remember. Except I'll be honest. You deserve to know. We have moved the studio around. We have recorded in several different rooms in the house. We have all agreed on the master bedroom. The acoustics are the best. It's a king sized bed. We're all cool with that. Jim has adjusted to the fact the the bed is a revolving door. But, that's just the way it is. So when you listen, just so you know, we are actually doing it. In bed. Sound naughty. But it isn't. And we shall never speak of it again.