The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #232 Tue 02.23.10

Panda porn. You don't hear that much about it. But it seems it's all the rage. There are just under 500 pandas in captivity and only about 1600 in the wild. And the males are a tad picky. And they only seem interested, when they are, for about 30 seconds. Some scientists have turned to what they call panda porn to encourage the male pandas to be a bit more attentive in their duties. They claim it works. All this led Adam and I to discuss whether or not there was one particular panda they used for the panda porn. You'll have to listen at Hear Jane to see in what direction we went at www.thejaneellen.com.

We talked about the new version of We Are the World for Haiti. And yes, there is a Huey Lewis only version.

It took until the 1960's for one racial slur in California to be changed to Negrohead Mountain. Now it's officially Ballard, after a pioneer. We then thought about what was perhaps on some maps still. Makes you wonder.

In the meantime, read Adam's Geek Chic, you'll enjoy it immensely.