The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary # 218 Mon 02.01.10

February 1. Did you change your calendar? It is my birthday month. I will be celebrating and accepting gifts all month long. Just putting that out there. Jim and I talked about his love of fashion. Oh, yeah, my mistake. His lack of knowledge regarding said fashion. We ran through a few Fashion Affair stories. I have posted photos and videos on Facebook. Two are on the main page of the website. You can see the entire runway show as well but I had to break it into pieces on youtube so there's the Vintage Furs, then the Student Designs, then Nina D, then Manuel and Finale. Or just follow my channel on youtube which is, conveniently enough, thejaneellen, and you can find them all there. Oh, I forgot, I cannot believe it. Scarletta singing Jealous Boy is also posted. Rock on Benji, Aubrey and Nathan.

Jim and I talked about the surgery game I played with Dan. That was fun. We didn't get out scalpels or anything. Perhaps next time. Just listen, we had a giggling good time today. Go to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com.

And just because I believe in recycling and this makes for a good visual, I was wearing the first vintage mink you see in the Fashion Affair video that Kristen Motil has on when I tried to dig my van out of the ice this morning. I made it too. Until I stopped it to get the treads out until I got stuck again. And I did. Get stuck again. The children, my mink, and I, stayed home today. Hey, it's been dead long before I was born. No fresh kills for me. But I'll recycle a fur in a heartbeat.