The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #219 Wed 02.03.10

Being shushed is never any fun. But sometimes you deserve it. It's hard to take when it comes from a four-year-old. Even Adam had to admit that he and I deserved it. Anna Grace and Jenna were trying to watch The Simpsons. Anna Grace asked that we keep it down a bit. Well, she couldn't hear the jokes. She was right. We were discussing Lost. Adam said The Simpsons warranted us toning it down a bit. Had it been for something stupid, we would not've let her have her way. But come on, it was The Simpsons.

There's a show called Super Saints? As in some are better than other saints? I'm sure that's not fair. I digress.

Lost spoilers. There's two timelines going on. Oceanic 815 didn't crash and it landed at LAX with Kate in handcuffs, Desmond on board, and Charlie, a suicidal addict, John Locke in a wheelchair, Hurley rich and naive. Then you have Juliet down in the hole still alive for a little while having a moment with Sawyer. Dead John Locke and anti-Jacob (I don't know what else to call him) in the form of John Locke is really the smoke monster. Then Adam and I decide that Smoke Monster John is the best band name ever. Opening for Fat Moses. One night only. And you'll have to decide how we get to the bald men film. It's worth going to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com.

We talk about the Oscars. And only Shatner on the WWE could be so perfect interpreting their theme songs.

Make sure you go to thejaneellen channel on youtube to see Scarletta perform Jealous Boy and all the footage from A Fashion Affair last weekend. It's well worth it.