The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #224 Wed 02.10.10

Snow in Tennessee today meant Adam's Ranger was not giving him good lovin'. He said that rear wheel drive and a stiff wind are not a good combination. So we had to podcast with a phone connection, not our favorite way to do a show. Anway, we talked about our great love of Lost. Amused that the new character who was dressed just like hippie John Lennon was, what do you know, named Lennon. So sad the show will be off the air in the spring. But perhaps the new Star Trek series will be on in 2011. Perhaps. And Ellen DeGeneres made her debut on Idol Tuesday night. She worked out well I thought. She was amusing and snarky when necessary. I thought she worked just fine.

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Here's the latest on my website updates. My gorgeous webmaster is getting a new computer while the one that crashed is being fixed. I suspect you won't see any changes until the weekend. Sorry to say. Sorry for all of us actually.