The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #227 Mon 02.15.10

The illin' Jim and I talked through surgical masks (I wish) today about Kevin Smith's Southwest Air debacle. You see, he had purchased two tickets as is the norm for someone of his size. Then, there was one seat on an earlier flight that was sold to him. Once ensconced with the sidearms down the captain had him tossed. And oh the tweets. If you don't follow him on Twitter, you should. It's been a scream. They tried to give him a $100 voucher by way of an apology. Like that would help. Not a free ride. Just $100 off. Oh, he's had much to say. All of it, hilarious.

New Scarletta video from their appearance on Balcony TV in Nashville. They do Jealous Boy and you can see it on their Facebook fan page. It's awesome.

Jim's sick therefore he can do nothing and has contaminated his computer. The new season of The Amazing Race has begun and they seem to have cast some real doozies. Jim also let it be known that he is well versed on Barbra Streisand movies and ranked his favorites. I had no idea he felt so strongly.

The website is back up and running. There were two separate issues last week, both of them resolved. So all the columns are new, along with a recipe of the week for spinach haters and even new photos in the gallery. Go explore.