The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #220 Thu 02.04.10

Adam and I broke it down for you today. Oh yeah, it needed to be down. The whole Star Trek even/odd movie thing. You see, the first film, not so great. The second one, Wrath of Khan, brilliant. Second, two, even numbered film. That's where it all started. Until Star Trek X Nemesis. Craptacular. Oh sure we both saw it. And would've loved to have been in it. But still. In comparison. Suckage. Then it all changed with Star Trek. The 11th film. So, will the 12 film be good or bad? We thought maybe if JJ Abrams decided to fire the new cast, remake Star Trek III or V in the form of a Nicholas Sparks story, then yes, very bad indeed. But we'd still watch it.

Lindsay Lohan said she's a hoarder. Of shoes. Leif Garrett, not doing so well. This week he was arrested for heroin possession. He's 48. Issues.

Apparently, some money shot of Lady Gaga during her Grammy performance with Elton John has laid to rest the rumor that she is a hermaphrodite. In case you were losing sleep over that.

Nick Jones was on Jimmy Kimmel's show talking about Bob Dylan's lack of singing ability. And then Adam went off on how Disney can manufacture whatever they need. I suspect it's from Walt's frozen head. They take a hair, and bam, they've got it. Do listen to www.thejaneellen.com under Hear Jane. Do. Won't you?

While Adam did the show he enjoyed my taco soup. It's incredibly easy and the recipe is on the site under Cook Jane. Look, if you can cook some meat and open a bunch of cans, you can make this. For real.

And then we talked about Valentine's Day, pros and cons.