The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #230 02.18.10

"My name is Clareece Precious Jones. I want to be on the cover of a magazine." Those are the opening lines from Precious as spoken by actress Gabourey Sidibe who has had a breakout year. And you would think she would be featured on the cover of Vanity Fair along with all the other young actresses who are having breakout years even though Adam and I didn't recognize half of them. Gabourey feels she has been snubbed. We concur.

Britney Spears has shot a new series of Candies ads for some slides. Adam and I looked at the ads. The shoes are gorgeous. He didn't notice the shoes. Or the pink teddy bear. I feel he was distracted by the white bikini. We then discussed how I noticed, online, that for Valentine's Day it was apparently newsworthy that she and her boyfriend went to a McDonald's drive through. The pictures were stupid. Two people in a care looking at each other like "hey what do you want to get?" Nothing unusual. Nothing newsworthy. And yet, there it was. Again, Brad and Angelina took some of their kids out for ice cream in Venice. Cameras in their faces. Ridiculous. They were just there. Being parents. No need for that. Listen to our discussion. Click on Hear Jane on the website.

Then we talked about who Adam would love to work with. Interesting result. OK, totally predictable.